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Toddler Puzzles & Games - For Preschool & Kindergarten



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Smart Toddler Puzzles Pro 3D help children learn what all to be studied and needed prior to first grade. Also build and practice cognitive skills, visual spatial skills, shape recognition, as well as tactile and fine motor skills. Also color puzzle encourages eye-hand, fine motor and creative expression skills.
Capital letters puzzle includes a piece for each of the twenty-six letters in the alphabet. A colorful picture under each piece shows an image beginning with the same letter, helping to develop letter recognition and pre-reading skills! Also, encourages eye-hand, fine motor and visual perception skills.
Similarly lower case letters puzzle also includes 26 letters in the alphabet, helping to develop letter recognition and pre-reading skills! Also, encourages eye-hand, fine motor and visual perception skills.
It's truly a FRESH START for puzzles! These 3D designed playfully styled puzzle is like nothing you've seen before! Learn to count in a new and fun way. Match these 3D created puzzle pairs to make mastering numbers as easy as 1, 2, 3. Groups of objects illustrate numbers 1-10, and the puzzles are self-correcting--each piece has only one match that fits--so children can play independently and learn all the while.
Phonics teaches letter names and sounds in a fun, interactive way. Appropriate for children who are at least two years old, this learning toy lets little learners to learn the corresponding letter names and sounds by tapping each letter.
This colorful puzzle, featuring 9 colorful puzzle pieces designed, allowing children to learn names of the colors as they snap in each puzzle piece.
This shapes puzzle will encourage children to develop shape recognition skills. Shapes Puzzle educates and entertains your little one with easy-to-move shapes that snap into place on top of silhouette puzzles. Shapes Puzzle encourages cognitive thinking and fine motor skills, and exposes young minds.
Place pieces correctly to trigger names of animal. Enhance matching and listening skills. Ten animal-themed pieces. 3D designed construction. Each animal piece has matching animal shape picture beneath. Eye- and ear-catching puzzle enhances matching and listening skills.
Children's favorite foods are elevated to an art form in this colorful wooden puzzle. The idea is for toddlers to learn names of food:: Once children identify the correct puzzle piece, they must use their eye-hand coordination to maneuver the shape into the slot. As the piece is snapped in, children learn name of food from sound.
Go, go, go in your choice of vehicle with this colorful 8-piece wooden puzzle! The bright colors will catch your child's interest and the shapes under the pieces will help to solve the puzzle. A great way to practice names of vehicles, hand-eye, fine motor and memory skills.
Kids will love playing with this educational jigsaw puzzle presenting the planets of the solar system. Explore the solar system with this unique puzzle while expanding kids knowledge of planets and more.

Similarly Ocean life puzzle with all ocean animals.
Although it's perfect for preschoolers, many children of kindergarten age and in the early grades also enjoy snapping the 3D puzzle pieces into place and learning alphabets, numbers, phonics, shapes, colors, animals, and many more.

Each puzzle piece (letter, number, shape, or any) is 3D designed. As each puzzle piece is snapped in, multimedia audio plays out saying name of puzzle piece.

To the point, 3D toddler puzzles help preschoolers and kindergartners more enthusiastic to study and learn.

As a result, your child can learn alphabets (capital and lower case), numbers, counting, shapes, colors, phonics, and many more without parent guidance.

Educational games for young children is "Delight children through learning."

We keep the games simple but magically inviting and nourishing to focus more in studies.

We strive to give children just the right balance between education and fun.



NameSmart Toddler Puzzles Pro++
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FeatureYour child can learn alphabets, numbers, counting, shapes, colors, phonics, and many more without parent guidance. Also kids will love playing with jigsaw puzzles presenting the planets of the solar system and ocean life.


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Great Educational Puzzles★★★★★
by Nick Winslet
This product is great fun for my five year old daughter and two year old son. I really like it because it has many games in one, so they can always choose which one they feel like playing. The nice thing about these games is that they are puzzle style games, and they also teach the alphabet, numbers,colors,shapes,…etc at the same time - so two different skills are being learned at the same time. As with may learn games that I have, the graphics and colors are great, and the game is very well designed.



Great for both of our young kids.★★★★★
by JessicaTrebek
Our Pre-k daughter loves to play it by herself. Children are given a great visual and auditory experience while also manipulating where the objects belong by using their fingers to move them. I help our 1 yr old while she's plays it. Little ones need repetition as well as exciting images and bold/bright colors. This product has all of those. Our both kids love Smart toddler puzzles pro++. It's so cute educational game and they are learning while they think they are playing!!!!!!



Great product ★★★★★
by Glorianer
My 2 year old son loves this product. He just turned two and can do all the areas with no problem. I see him play with this game several times a day having fun with it. My toddler son is running around saying colors, number, letters, shapes and much more. Person who designed this product knows psychology of kids. My son continously play with it and learning lots without my guidance.



Absolutely delightful. Great way to teach toddlers★★★★★
by NIcoleHelens
My toddler loves this delightful product. She was thrilled to be able to play independently. It was nice to see her so happily engaged. I also love this product because of it's gentle tone. With tons of positive reinforcement, easy to listen, the puzzles has been a great hit. I will certainly recommend this product to my friends and siblings who have young children.



by Caroline Vargara
What a great learning product - disguised as a game! The puzzles are very cute and appealing, the graphics clean, and the animation very smooth. The voice-over / audio is very friendly and easy to understand. The audio claps rewards as each task is completed should encourage even the smallest child. What a great way to teach the preschooler or kindergartner!



Great for toddler learning :) ★★★★★
by Tali Tate
These are great my 3 year old can play with these pretty much by herself. Its really helping her with upper and lower case letters, number and counting, shapes, colors,..etc. Also she enjoys the puzzles and matching them up. My niece loves it too. Any time that I can throw some learning into playtime is good time spent to me and these have been great for that!



Life long lessons ★★★★★
by Britanny Smith
The things that are being taught in this product are things that will be used for the rest of a childs entire life, such as letters, numbers, colors, animals, food, ...etc. It makes me so happy to see such great apps created that entertain my children, while also educating them! Great designers.



Great learning puzzles★★★★★
by AveryNewman
My 2 year old loves these puzzles. He cruised through them fairly quick with the toughest being the alphabet one. This is a great educational product and I have to thank for my son's ability to know his ABCs, numbers,colors and still learning much more from this product.



Great puzzles for toddlers ★★★★★
by TonyaJoys
My 2 year old can put all the pieces in by herself, and the corresponding pictures under the letters are helping her to learn letters, number, colors, shapes, ..etc and sounds. This helps in numerous ways. He enjoys them, and we are both glad we found this product.



Five Stars★★★★★
by vickyStitch
Smart toddler puzzles is perfect learning product for emergent readers in preschool and kindergarten. My son likes the puzzle aspect and learning the words associated with each puzzle piece. It is a great way to introduce him to alphabet, number,colors,shapes,food,vehicles,animals and get him excited about learning. Very happy with all these puzzles!



Awesome education for Preschoolers and Kindergartners ★★★★★
by HarperAlexas
My 5 year old son just loves this game! He plays every night before bed and it has helped with counting, shapes, identifying letters and its order,colors, and so on. He never gets bored playing it... Fun yet educational!! We love these 3D Puzzles!!!



Good product★★★★★
by Maya
My 17 months old son loves this product. He is very active and never sits still. When I turn on this product for him, he concentrates and plays on it. I can’t wait until he begins learning the letters, numbers, colors, shapes,…etc.



Very educational ★★★★★
by Kimberly Andrey
This is a great way to teach toddlers. Our son loves them. He has mastered them all. The quality is excellent and our son has enjoyed these 3d puzzles since day one.



one of "our" favorites ★★★★★
by Ed Dafoy
It has good learning material that is great for ages three through five. My toddler enjoys playing this game. It is very educational and has lots of creativity in it as well.



wonderful puzzle game, Great for toddlers! ★★★★★
by David Mia
Colourful, has sharp 3d realistic images and is fun for toddlers to learn. My kindergartner loves this game and is doing all the puzzles on his own and learned lot from it.



Great learning game for toddlers★★★★★
by  josuahava
The puzzles are just right for my 2 year old grandson. The hand and eye coordination and memory work required just prepares our young ones brain that much better. This kept him busy for a least an hour. He was so proud and it was such a joy to see him having fun and learning.



Big Hit with Preschooler ★★★★★
by Sydney Josey
My 4 yr old has done so well with her alphabet since she started playing this. She'd play it all day if she could. It is really helping her with letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and much more, all needed for preschooler.



A very friendly product for tiny hands with a big imagination ★★★★★
by miaTaylors
My twins could not stop playing. They enjoyed the shape recognition puzzles and all of the busy preschool activities. This product is very visually appealing. It is also very easy for children to navigate. This product makes teaching fun. At home my kids demonstrated how much they learned and implemented into real tactile activities. This is not your typical drag and drop game. This is a truly educational and entertaining product that has brought my kids hours of enjoyment.



My younger sister couldn't stop playing!★★★★★
by Gwen
This product develops kids counting skills, pattern recognition, creative and analytical skills. Teaches letters (upper and lower case), numbers, shapes, colors and much more. My younger sister just turned 3 years old and so far, this is the only game she hasn't stopped playing after the first hour. She has officially become addicted! Instead of watching television, this young child comes immediately to this game and wont stop playing it!

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