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United States Map Quiz Game - Study Practice Quiz


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States Capitals Flags help all ages to learn about states, capitals and flags of United States. Referring an intuitive, colorful, map-based design, learners master the key facts and stats of each state.

Learners can choose between learning about states and capitals or states flags, stacking states, state by state guide to learn about each state or taking a quiz to test their knowledge. In all cases, instruction is provided in a fun, visual format utilizing an intuitive touch interface. 

Designed for all ages. American States and Capitals in interactive way develop foundational geographic knowledge about the United States.

STUDY:: Quick study technique using flash cards.State capital, flag, abbreviation, nickname and state shape are clearly displayed on each state flash card. This trains and reinforces the state’s location and its capital within the United States for the learner with help of large map.

STACK THE STATES:: It is puzzler to slide the states around and put them together which teach student shapes and location of states. Stack the States makes learning about states fun! Watch the states actually come to life in this colorful and dynamic game! 

Two different modes encouraging all ages to learn. Animated graphics for easy remembrance. 

STATES DETAILS:: State by state guide to learn each state details and history. Tap each state to learn its details.

INTERACTIVE QUIZ:: Learner can put their knowledge to test with the all new States, Capitals and Flags Quiz!

Play through 4 different modes!

Name the State – Name the state from shape of state.

States And Capitals - Name the capital of  state.

Capitals And States - Name the state from its capital.

Flag - Name the state from flag of state.



•Practice Mode and Quiz Mode for states, capitals and flags.

•Time-saving ways to learn about states, capitals and flags; A wonderful education game in preparing for geography class test, geography bee competition or leisure learning.

•States Capitals Flags is educational which is also fun to play. 

•Education learning game for all ages.



NameStates Capitals Flags Pro++
Operating Systems
Windows 10 or 11 best compatible
PackagingDownload (or) CD

FeatureLearners can choose between learning about states and capitals or states flags, stacking states, state by state guide to learn about each state or taking a quiz to test their knowledge.

Practice Mode and Quiz Mode for states, capitals and flags. States Capitals Flags is educational which is also fun to play.


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Super Geography product, very engaging.★★★★★
by Natalie Huds
I hate to be cliche' but here's another 5 star review for this product. Within a hour of play my american geography skills are improved 5 times over. My elementary kids loved this. Great way to practice geography and learn states history too. If you've always had that nagging feeling that you would like to have a better idea of where all 50 states are located, this is the game for you. I like the "state location function" the best. In a relatively short time I was able to locate all 50 states, but you can't necessarily do it every time at first because the states are presented to you randomly, and sometimes the order is easier one time than another. Good luck!



A learning product ★★★★★
by Clarson Blake
This is one of my favorite games, it is not only fun it's educational as well. I find myself trying to get faster at the puzzler game. My best time is 14 seconds. Learning the state flags has been very challenging. This game has all the kids in my house going crazy. They all are jockeying for time to compete with one another on this game. It has provided great entertainment and has also been a good learning for the youngest one who will need to know all fifty States in school for the coming year. Thanks for a game that can reach all genders and ages.



Fantastic for kids AND adults! ★★★★★
by Charlotte Johny
it is a blast to play. Our 6 year old has been playing a couple days and can now place all 50 States on the map and hasn't gotten bored with it yet. Nor have I, and I am enjoying it every bit as much. This is one of my favorite games, it is not only fun it's educational as well. Great program for teaching children about the states, their locations, history and capitals. Our first grader knows most of the capitals and states because of this program. Would highly recommend it.



Incredibly addictive way to refresh your memory and learn about our country states. ★★★★★
by Joe Jone
I love this product and it's a fantastic way for kids through senior citizens to learn and remember things forgotten or never known. My elementary school kids can beat everyone in the family at filling out a map of the states because of this product. I've recommended it to his teacher, for the other kids in the school, as well as everyone else I come across. Graphics are also great. Kudos to the developers of this product.



Fantastic for kids AND adults!, ★★★★★
by Tony Kris
My kids love it. The challenge to get more states makes them learn more about United States. It's one of our favorite games for family night. My 7-yr-old is not crazy about most educational games, but he loves this one. It combines geography trivia with a fun stacking game that requires simple logic and reasoning skills, spacial skills. It was a little hard at first, because questions doesn’t repeat in same order for each test. Kids master new material without getting sick. Great game!



thank you! ★★★★★
by David Bens
Overall, I am impressed with this product. I originally bought this game for my son, who is in the 6th grade and doesn't do so well in geography. When I opened the game to check it out, I was worried that he would think it was "young" for him but he loved it. He plays for longer than I would have thought. My second grader likes it too. She loves trying to stack the states. I think this would be a great game for anyone ages six and up.



Excellent Interactive Learning Experience! ★★★★★
by ivy middleton
I was immediately addicted to this game, but my kids began playing it with me. We were all laughing and learning all at the same time. It's a fun and easy way for everyone to learn about the 50 states, plus strategize the stacking of them. I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a fun, learning game they can play alone or with others.



I really like US History Every child should learn this stuff and you are never too old to learn more ★★★★★
by FordBentley
I really like learning US history, every child should have to learn this stuff in all schools, a good refresher... My six year old son LOVES this product. Not only does he have a great time playing it, he actually learns about the United States. Absolutely amazing. AAA+++++++



Learning is essential and this makes it fun. ★★★★★
by Bruce Nair
This is a must for kids. Learning is essential and this makes it fun. Did not think my 7 and 9 year old would play this for hours and they learn faster because they want to play the game and beat it.



You would be smart if you get this product ★★★★★
by Sofia Liam
A coworker told about this, and I wanted to get girls hooked into something to get them off Minecraft. Never would've guessed they'd like this product this much! They love it, and I do too. We play together.



Both my 6 and 7 year-old children love this game ★★★★★
by mathew iverson
After only a couple hours of play, my 7-year-old knew the location of most-all 50 states and knew several details about the states. This is a very good educational game!



Fantastic Game! ★★★★★
by Katie Harry
Everyone in my house from 8 year-old to 75 year-old plays with it. I enjoyed learning about the state's, the capitals, their shapes, where they are on the map, what they are next to, their landmarks and history. You will not believe how addictive it is.



For the big kids too! ★★★★★
by  Castros
I'm 43 and minored in geography in college. But this game has plenty to keep me interested. This may have been written for children. But I really enjoy learning from this product. A lot of fun and gaining knowledge too. thanks. Highly recommended for kids of all ages.



This is a great educational product!, ★★★★★
by Aaliyah Owen
This product has really held my son’s attention, and in no time he has memorized all the capitals and even knows the shapes of each state just by looking at it. There is multiple dimensions to the learning and playing experience.



Great & fun learning game for all ages. Great for quizzing friends & family too!,★★★★★
by Manual Jodi
My kids love this game and get so excited when I "allow" them to play it. They don't even know they are learning and I don't have to prod them to study!



by Alvara
I had a quiz in class and I barley knew states,capitals & flags. After started studying from this product, I knew every Single one I don’t know. They made it so easy to learn quickly. Just to let u know its not suppose to be fun. Its for studying!



Great learning game★★★★★
by MayaMackenzies
My 3 daughters, ages 5,9 & 12 really enjoy playing this game. It gets them familiar with the states, capitals, locations, flags, etc. Its a great way for students to learn about United States of America. It also teaches information about each state.



Great Job ★★★★★
by Kimberly Andrey
As a teacher and mother I am always looking for educational apps that students really learn from it,. My son likes it too. Great resource in class. thanks. Highly recommended for kids of all ages.



Great product! ★★★★★
by alyssa brayden
Everyone in my family loves this game. Even my 5 year old likes to try. It entertains and also teaches both adults and kids - my oldest is 7 and thinks learning the facts about the states is great.



Great product ★★★★★
by Brady Affleck
I'm actually learning something as I play. I find this game really fun. I didn't realize how rusty I was with my knowledge of the United States. I guess it's nice to get a refresher course while having fun too. Great job!



Fun way to learn facts, Great product for kids ★★★★★
by LucyRonda
My son is learning his regions and states. He loves playing this game and he is learning while doing it. Love how educational an fun this game is! Kids are learning their states in a fun and easy way. Love it!



Creative Learning at it's Best ★★★★★
by Newton Sony
My kids BEG to play this game and learn more of the states. This is a great reinforcement to what they are learning and it even adds to their previous knowledge. Great Job.



Whole House Loves Game!!!!!!!! ★★★★★
by TonyaJoys
My son and I absolutely love this game!! This game is fun, educational and the whole family can play!!! Highly recommend this product for kids and/or adults. GREAT GAME!!!



Awesome ★★★★★
by Jerome Tox
Very educational and my son plays it constantly... It was well thought out and is just all around fun. Great job.



States and Capitals Pro is a winner. Great for all ages. ★★★★★
by Joanne Zora
This game is a great way for kids of all ages to learn about the states. It holds their interest, is challenging, and, above all, it is a good learning product.



My boys love this game! ★★★★★
by Naoh Clan
The 5 yr old, 10 yr old and myself (53) all had a blast playing states and capitals! This is a great learning game with lots of fun built in.



Great product for kids ★★★★★
by Julie Gigi
My son is learning states, capitals and flags. He loves playing this game and he is learning while doing it.



by NIcoleHelens
It is great and my friends and we love to challenge each other. Great learning product to learn states, capitals and flags.



Great product for Entertainment and Education!!! ★★★★★
by Alice Winslet
Very informative and my son prepares for school tests and quiz. Great job.



Great Fun Learning ★★★★★
by Stevie Ames
I enjoy this game just as much if not more than my kids. My kids don't even realize that they are learning! This is a fun way to learn about the states and geography. A neat educational game to learn about United States of America.

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