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text worldwide free sms service

Text Worldwide Anywhere Anytime



Best SECURE text messaging solution to send TEXTS WORLDWIDE.

Get unlimited texting service to save and send unlimited number of texts worldwide anywhere anytime to any mobile from any device. No renewals. No hidden costs.

Bringing people together through texting from around the world. Text Worldwide offers a wide selection of high quality private texting.


2-way text messaging services, so you can resolve conversations quickly and efficiently.

Send text messages to friends, family etc worldwide. Add contacts to your online phone book to send messages easily.

Your friends, family, audience to whom you texted can read your messages. But can't have access to your account due to high quality private texting.

Security Features
The best secure cloud storage solution to save conversatiions that happened.

Group Texting
Blast off a mass bulk SMS text message to your entire group of contacts or selected contacts. Hit send, and off they immediately go!

Easy and Convenient
With our service, you can easily and conveniently add phone numbers and expand your list of contacts. You don't have to worry about any complicated setup - it's quick and efficient!

Start Engaging Your Audience
Text Messaging is the best way to reach your friends, family and audience. Text Worldwide makes it fast & easy!

Instant Texting
Fast and easy texting via secured private cloud to get your word out quickly.

Text message archiving
Members and their audience can go to one place to find conversations that may date back months or even years.

Powerful security settings
Easily password protect your membership account containing your text conversations.

Tons of unlimited storage
Unlimited Cloud Storage to store unlimited number of text message conversations. Keep conversations with your friends and family safe and secure.

You are Not limited to 160 Characters

Extended Messages

Writing a text message can be tricky when you're restricted to a low character count. That's why we offer up to 455 characters on all SMS messages. Now you have plenty of space to express yourself with greater detail.

Authentic Text Messages
Our platform sends your text messages as authentic, real, genuine messages. Every text message sent by Text Worldwide is uniquely identified and instantly goes directly to the mobile carriers. Everyone gets your text messages in a matter of seconds!

Secure Data And Information
All your data and information is 100% safe and secure behind our industry best SSL technology and encryption.

Two Way SMS
Text Worldwide provides you with a Inbox feature that allows you to reply back to your audience. Engage your audience in a one-on-one two way chat, answering any questions they may have. Set up notifications, and Text Worldwide automatically notify you via email the instant someone sends you a inbound message.

Unlimited Contacts
You will never have a limit. Add as many mobile phone numbers as you possibly can. We'll never limit your contact list. They can just keep rolling in, rolling in, rolling in!

Please donate to keep this project Text Worldwide alive like how others donated to keep it alive for you.  Donation we receive would be spent for this project maintainance.


TypeText Worldwide Service

NameText Worldwide
Operating Systems
Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone or iPad

FeatureBest SECURE text messaging solution to send TEXTS WORLDWIDE.

Bringing people together through texting from around the world.

Text Worldwide offers a wide selection of high quality private texting.

•Security Features
•Send Mass Text Messages
•Easy and Convenient
•Text Worldwide Anywhere Anytime
•Instant Texting
•Powerful security settings
•Text message archiving
•Tons of unlimited storage.


• Free Membership.

• Unlimited storage space.

• No renewals. No hidden costs.

• Compatible to any device (PC / Mac / Android / iPhone or iPad)

• Text Worldwide anywhere anytime securely at one place.

• Text Worldwide for all ages

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