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World Pro - Countries, Capitals & Flags helps all ages to learn about countries, capitals and flags of world. Referring an intuitive, colorful, map-based design, learners master the key facts and stats of each country.

Learners can choose between learning about countries and capitals or countries flags or country locations viewing a scrollable map or country by country guide to learn about each country or taking a quiz to test their knowledge. In all cases, instruction is provided in a fun, visual format utilizing an intuitive touch interface.

Designed for all ages. World Pro - Countries, Capitals and Flags app in interactive way develop foundational geographic knowledge about countries of the world - capitals, populations, languages, GDPs, religions, flags & more.  

STUDY:: Quick study technique using flash cards.Country capital, flag, abbreviation, nickname and country shape are clearly displayed on each country flash card. This trains and reinforces the countrie’s location and its capital within the World for the learner with help of large map and flash cards.

STACK THE COUNTRIES:: It is puzzler to slide the countries around and put them together which teach student shapes and location of countries. Stack the Countries makes learning about countries fun! Watch the countries actually come to life in this colorful and dynamic game! 

Two different modes encouraging all ages to learn. Animated graphics for easy remembrance. 

COUNTRIES INFO:: Country by country guide to learn each country details and history. Tap each country to learn its details. Explore information about country history, economy, area, population, languages, capital, GDPs, etc.

MORE INFO:: Large scrollable -> a) World Physical Map showing plateaus, deserts, river basins, lakes and physical altitude scale. b) World Agriculture Map showing crops around the world. c) World Map showing endangered species around the world. d) World Flags map for easy learning and remembrance. e) Languages spoken in each country of the world.

INTERACTIVE QUIZ:: Learner can put their knowledge to test with the all new World Pro - Countries, Capitals and Flags Quiz!

Play through 4 different modes!

Name the Country – Name the country from shape and location of country.

Country And Capitals - Name the capital of country.

Capitals and Countries - Name the Country from its Capital.

Flag-Name the country from its Flag.

•Practice Mode and Quiz Mode for countries, capitals and flags.

•Time-saving ways to learn about countries, capitals and flags; A wonderful software in preparing for geography class test, geography bee competition or leisure learning.

•World Pro - Countries, Capitals and Flags is an educational software which is also fun to play.

•Education learning game for all ages.



NameWORLD Pro++ - Countries Capitals Flags
Operating Systems
Windows 10 best compatible
PackagingDownload (or) CD

FeatureLearners can choose between learning about countries and capitals or countries flags, stacking countries, country by country guide to learn about each country details and history or taking a quiz to test their knowledge.

Practice Mode and Quiz Mode for countries, capitals and flags. Countries Capitals Flags is educational which is also fun to play.


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